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  The goal of the Cypress Creek VFD Driver Safety Awareness Program is to increase awareness of the deadly effects that alcohol, drugs and poor judgement have on a person's ability to drive in a safe manner. The program utilizes a powerful visual aid, the Driver Safety Awareness Trailer, that shows the grim results of driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The Driver Safety Awareness Trailer consists of a vehicle involved in a fatal accident on February 6, 2002, mounted on a tandem axle trailer. The vehicle is mounted on the trailer in it's final position which was on it's side and wrapped around a tree. The trailer allows this powerful visual aid to be towed to area schools and state functions such as MADD or DARE events.
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The Cypress Creek VFD Fire Safety Education program provides students with fire safety information and skills, while also giving students a chance to practice those skills in a realistic controlled environment.

The Fire Safety House is a mobile travel trailer that is a scaled-down, "kid-sized", two story house. Students are able to walk through a kitchen, living room and bedroom, spotting fire hazards and practice simple methods of eliminating potentially dangerous situations. Students will get to feel a "hot door", locate an emergency escape route and "escape" by exiting through a window via a ladder as the Fire House fills with a completely harmless, non toxic smoke. All of these activities are performed under the close guidance of firefighters.
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